Courtney Spain Aragon

Award Winning Author.  Marketing Strategist.  Publisher. 

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Story creation and publication is an incredible journey best not done alone.  Join my CSA Story Tribe for a behind the scenes look as I create the next Fraydo the Dragon sequel.  It should be a wild ride filled with all the ups and downs of story creation and production.

A little about me

Courtney Spain Aragon is an author, creator, marketing strategist and publisher.

Who am I?  First and foremost, I am a storyteller.  But I wear many hats including a writer that focuses on social media marketing and book publishing in many mediums.  Although, what I love most is reading my stories to children.  I love to make them laugh. I'm a bit of a clown.

My Projects


Fraydo the Dragon: A Very Big Problem -- an award winning picture book -- is a fun and humorous story for children about friends solving a problem together.  We are working on the sequel in all its glorious forms.

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