Fraydo The Dragon: A Very Big Problem!

Fraydo The Dragon Project

What a Delight!

What a delight it has been to work with a talented group of editors, art buyers, art directors, illustrators, printers, book representatives, book store buyers, and librarians to help bring Fraydo the Dragon to life.  As they say, "It takes a village!"

I am Grateful!

A big "THANK YOU" to everyone who has helped me tell this story and be able read it to children across the USA.  It has been a joy to read to children in person or via Google Hangouts.  And from every presentation, I learn so much from the kids and the Pen Pal letters they write to my characters.  Thank you, everyone!

What's Next?

Fraydo the Dragon: A Very Big Problem has become a San Francisco Bay Area favorite. The lovable characters in the book including Fraydo, Pee Wee, the Baker's Boy and the Queen, have brought  serious giggles and chuckles to children of all ages —from silly to  super silly.  After all, kids have lots of fun trying to figure out why big, lovable and goofy Fraydo the Dragon thinks he is a DOG!   The underlying themes of understanding friendships & differences, developing empathy, and building upon one’s own self-awareness are messages that we will continue to build upon in Fraydo the Dragon's next picture and chapter book sequels.   Visit Fraydo's website and check out his Dragon Club and the other Kingdom craziness.

Fraydo the Dragon Web Site

Fraydo the Dragon: A Very Big Problem!

Fraydo the Dragon: A Very Big Problem!  -- a Gold Medal Winner of  the prestigious Mom's Choice Award -- is a fun and humorous story for children about friends solving a problem together. This book and supporting discussion guide aim to invoke critical thinking skills around these important topics:

  • understanding friendships and differences
  • developing empathy
  • building upon one’s own self-awareness to problem solve  

Visit and join Fraydo The Dragon Club to be part of all the adventures in the Kingdom of Aragon.   Follow Fraydo the Dragon on

  • Google Hangouts:  Author appearances can also be done via Google Hangouts or SKYPE. -- contact Little Fire Press: or call 415-322-9028.